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About Us

Who we are.

We are in the Halal meat business over a decade serving our community. Famously known as Amana halal for many years in North Jersey. We are the Only Halal market in central , south Jersey certified by the Halal monitoring service of Shari'ah board of America  for selling  100% Zabiha Hand slaughtered  Halal Meat, Goat, Lamb, Veal and Chicken & Poultry products. Also we supply varieties of ethnic groceries, specially for Sri Lankan, Arabic Pakistan, Indian, and Bangladesh Grocery. Our success is our loyal customer base, repeated customers for our Better Services, Best Quality Meat and Groceries at unbeatable prices. We always keep and maintain a very clean store, Meat & Grocery Market with high ratings in any search engines. You will experience all these once you visit us, and we will guarantee your satisfaction.


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